Educational Value of Scale Model Kits

By | March 14, 2017

Very few can argue that the education and mental development of our children are the two most important factors in driving the sustained growth of our respective countries/societies/civilizations. If these young ones can also be allowed to form healthy ideals and dream of a truly better future for all, they will become more involved in achieving this outcome. Thus, being a vital component of education, art is proposed as a subject to awaken the creative side of anyone willing to explore its many facets in terms of both theory and practice.

This brings us to the meat of this post…

Since they were invented, educational building sets (from scientific to civil) have aided in producing a whole spectrum of professionals the world over – my brother benefited from these sets so much so that it was quite instrumental in his decision to become a mechanical engineer. In this respect, one only has to recall the invaluable and immeasurable influence of Meccano, a lasting success that continues to innovate itself with each passing year. The aforementioned example, amongst others, has paved the way for other cheaper forms of educational toys, such as large snap-together building blocks aimed at “post-infants”. However, even these building blocks are becoming relatively pricey, especially taking into account what the consumer nowadays has to pay for “pre-teen” toys in general.

So let’s look at it from this point of view: a need still exists to buy manufactured toys for younger age groups, but as a child grows older, he or she increasingly wants to be regarded as a young adult, which inadvertently places them in a precarious position where they more often than not feel compelled to sacrifice artistic creativity in order to pursue more scientific or mathematical fields of study that presumably offer higher incomes. This doesn’t have to be the case; an adolescent can retain and improve their artistic skills and eventually open doors to new worlds employing their unique imaginative capabilities.